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Work With Me

Thank you so much for your interest in my blog and I am honored that you are here! If you think your brand aligns with my blog and would like to discuss sponsorship or advertising, please email A full media kit is available upon request. I look forward to working together!

Why Work With Me?

Marketing runs through my blood and creativity comes naturally to me. With over 7 years of experience at an advertising agency working with clients, creating marketing plans, facilitating those plans, and managing the agency’s marketing, I have developed skills along the full spectrum of marketing and advertising. I know how to market a brand and what works in different media. Let me help you expand your reach with my expertise!

We have very few “passions” in life, but when we discover what they are and can harness them for the greater good, the results are unimaginable. I have a passion for travel and learning about new cultures, foods, experiences, and places. I want to write about your brand and share with my followers how you make traveling better, more efficient, exciting, fun, or unique and help you position your brand to your target audience.

I am ready to conquer the world one restaurant, resort, airline, tour company, or travel brand at a time. Are you in the travel and leisure business? If yes, then I want to see what you have to offer and share it with my community of travel enthusiasts.

I started this blog with one vision in mind; honesty. I’ve built a community of fellow travelers who trust my opinion and plan their trips around the feedback I provide. I would love to pair with other brands who share that same sense of integrity. Sharing what your company has to offer is easy when the focus is geared towards the experience of the traveler.