Project Description

Bimini, a tiny Caribbean Island in the Bahamas that is surrounded by crystal clear water and hundreds of species of tropical fish. This sand and palm tree covered island is only about 8 square miles and has mostly dirt roads.

When I first started traveling to Bimini, the island had very little infrastructure except a marina to dock boats with a restaurant and a pool attached to it. Everything else on the island was run by locals in town. As I’ve gone back time and time again, Bimini has been built up more every time. Today, multiple resorts, vacation rentals, a casino, and formal restaurants occupy a large portion of the island. The last time I went, they had just finished building a giant dock for cruise ships to come in to. I do miss the old days of “private island Bimini,” but I am happy it is helping their economy thrive and able to support the locals better.

The pristine beaches are just as beautiful as ever though and the snorkeling is unbeatable. The SS Sapona is an amazing shipwreck to either dive or snorkel at. The ship ran aground back in 1926 and stands mostly above water with the rest of the ship only 17 feet below the surface. This is a great place to snorkel or dive for beginners to experts because it is quite shallow, very clear water, and usually pretty calm.

There are many little islands called ‘cays’ that surround Bimini and one of my favorite is Honeymoon Harbour where stingrays are known to flock. Bring some chum with you and the stingrays will actually come up to you to suck the fish off your hands! The only way to get to Honeymoon Harbour Beach is by boat or jet ski.