Project Description

Pass me a beignet because we’re about to take a trip to the bayou. Louisiana is covered with swamp lands and packed with immense amounts of culture, history, and traditions that have been passed down over centuries.

With a melting pot of French, African, and American, Creole and Cajun culture was born. This culture that formed in Louisiana runs deep through the family roots of most locals and is what gives Louisiana all of its acknowledgement for its savory down home Cajun cooking, old-world colonial style houses, and unique spiritual rituals.

Visiting one of the famous above-ground graveyards that is located in the middle of a colonial style neighborhood really allows you to soak in the culture and history that shaped New Orleans. I enjoyed the outskirts of New Orleans where all of the Spanish hanging moss on the old southern trees shaded the paths through old colonial neighborhoods that opened into streets filled with cute boutiques and historic statues. Downtown New Orleans is more like a Mardi Gras party every night, but is definitely something to experience!