Project Description

Mountains, mountains, and more mountains; Virginia inhabits the remarkable and stunningly preserved Shenandoah National Park. Known for its famous Skyline Drive that runs through the park, this 105-mile road takes you through the Appalachian Mountains with some of the most jaw dropping views and freshest mountain air you will ever breathe. The pull-off signs guide you to the most amazing views on the trail. There is nothing like looking over a mountain ridge to see a deep valley covered in trees and natural beauty.

Black bears and their cubs, waterfalls, natural springs, gigantic carved out tunnels in the side of a mountain, plenty of deer, and a large variety of birds are just some of the things you may encounter while on Skyline Drive. Book a cabin along the way and step out on your deck at night to see a black sky filled with the most stars you will ever see. Being so far away from city lights allows all of the stars to shine at their brightest and illuminate the sky with twinkling lights.